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3 Ways You Can Save By Tanning At The Gym

A good tan can make you feel good too. So if you are planning to hit the beach, getting some tan first is not a bad idea. In fact, you will look more beach ready. However, even if you don’t have any beach plan but just want a good tan, going to a tanning salon is not necessary anymore. All you have to do is visit the gym.

Fitness centers like Powerhouse Gym in Hilton Head already offer tanning beds that allow you to get a tan after your workout session. While there are precautions about the bad side of tanning, Powerhouse Gym abides with the law. Thus, you can have the best tan you want in moderation and based on state laws.

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So why you should go to the gym instead of going directly to a tanning salon? Here’s why:

You Save Money

Just like any services, tanning comes with a price. Instead of paying extra for tanning session at a salon, you can already have it with your gym membership. At Powerhouse Gym, you get access to their tanning beds with your membership card. Get the right amount of tan without spending extra charges.

You Save Time

If you are having a hard time squeezing your tanning session to your schedule, might as well do it after your workout session. There’s no need to squeeze yourself at a busy salon when you can do it calmly at your gym. Instead of spending your time traveling to the salon, you can already use it to get a perfect tan.

You Save Yourself From Worries

They say too much of a good thing bad. It is the same with tanning. Like the sun, tanning beds emit ultraviolet rays. That’s why it’s essential it is done in moderation. With Powerhouse Gym, we make sure that you only get the right amount of tan. We abide by the laws of the state. Therefore, your safety is assured.

So the next time you choose a gym, choose the one with tanning services to help you save time and money, and also to protect yourself from any worry.

Aside from tanning sessions, Powerhouse Gym likewise offers personal training, group classes, kickboxing, yoga, free weights, and of course childcare. We are here to help you stay on track, reach your fitness goals, and get to a healthier version of you. Talk to us now.

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Child Care Services

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Bringing Your Child To A Gym? Worry No More

Most people think that having a child means saying goodbye to workout sessions too. With responsibilities in mind, finding time to work out is indeed hard.  But before you let go of your fitness plans, know that there are now gyms offering child care services. There is no skipping workout session anymore!

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If you’re thinking of enrolling yourself in a gym but still contemplating on its child care service, here are the things you should consider:

Do They Have Trained Staff?

As parents, you always want what is best for your child. You do not wish to entrust your child to an unqualified stranger. So when you enroll in a gym with childcare, always check if they have trained staff.

Check if the personnel have a background on child development. With that, you are assured that proper treatment and care is given to your child. It is also essential to have staff that is trained on first aid so you can be sure that your child is safe in case of an emergency.

It’s Worth EveryPenny!

With its added services, child care also means additional fees on your monthly dues. But when you are getting the right services, you are spending on something worthy of your penny. Childcare services aren’t just usually toys. It also has enough necessities for your child, such as diapers and wipes, and many more.

Instead of spending extra for a nanny for a few hours, you are saving much for bringing them while you work out. Plus, your child is given the right attention and care while you are away for a few hours.

Is Your Child Eligible for Gym Daycare?

When you are a parent, most notably for mothers, leaving your child to other people can sometimes be stressful. It is normal to feel anxious. When it comes to availing child care services at a gym, it is also essential to follow your instinct. When you’re not comfortable leaving your child to child care, don’t do it.

While kids cannot tell what is right for them, it is needed that you should know first if your kid is appropriate for child care. Check also if your gym has an age requirement you have to consider.

Are you looking for a gym with childcare in South Carolina? Powerhouse Gym offers Child Care Services on top of their fitness programs. You don’t have to quit your fitness anymore just because you have a child. You can either join group classes, do yoga, try kickboxing, or have your program with a personal trainer. Find Powerhouse Gym in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC!

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Complimentary Coffee

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5 Ways Coffee Boosts Your Workout

Most people need coffee to start their day. Even just the coffee aroma is enough to awaken a coffee drinker’s senses. That’s because coffee contains caffeine, an ingredient you can also find in energy drinks.

The caffeine in your coffee is a natural stimulant. It’s a safer way to boosts your energy and do extra activities.

Coffee has also become a popular pre-workout drink. It’s the reason why most gyms and fitness centers also have coffee shops around their corner. Some meanwhile has their coffee station for their members.

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So why choose coffee?

Coffee Increases Workout Performance

Drinking coffee before a workout improves workout performance. Caffeine is known for enhancing stamina so you can train longer with great power. It also increases your endurance level.  It allows your body to utilize fat stores as fuel for long workouts. Using the body’s stored fat can help prolong the use of your working muscles.

Coffee Improves Concentration

When you think workout session only needs physical effort, then you are wrong. Exercise also needs mental focus. Mental focus is required when working out for you to perform exercises correctly. Coffee works by stimulating your brain activities, improving concentration.

Coffee Reduces Muscle Pain

The painful sensation after your workout session is a sign of lactic acid build-up in your body. With coffee, you can now workout more with less painful sensations. Coffee decreases your risk of exercise-induced muscle pain. It can help you go back on the gym the next day.

Coffee Helps Prevent Diseases

Another reason for drinking coffee is for antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow down cell damage. Our cells are usually damaged due to free radicals brought about by several factors such as stress and pollution.

With coffee, you get to protect yourself from diseases. Your immunity significantly improves with coffee.

Complimentary Coffee at The Powerhouse Gym

Apart from antioxidants, coffee also accelerates your metabolism. With that, you are getting rid of the toxins in your body. Aside from the food, coffee also helps increase fat burning as a result of increased metabolism. When you had coffee before a workout, you are already burning more fat and calories during your workout.

Whether you’re new or a longtime fitness enthusiast, you can truly maximize your gains in the gym with coffee. It should really be added to your pre-workout drinks. You don’t have to pay extra bucks for it for Powerhouse Gym in Hilton Head offers it for free.

Powerhouse Gym helps achieve a healthier and fitter version of you. Our trainers are professionally trained, while our facilities are all up-to-date. We will help you achieve your fitness goal to bring out the best in you!

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