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Spinning Class

What Are Our Spinning Classes Like at Powerhouse?

Indoor cycling, otherwise referred to as a spin class, is an intense hour-long workout where one of our certified trainers guide you through a routine that will take on one of the sweatiest rides of your life. Powerhouse spinning very popular, known for having great music and a killer atmosphere. Each class is a little different, with the pedal speed, intensity and body position changing constantly.

See What Our Spin Class Has To Offer

Ready to take a leap and check out one of our spin classes for yourself? If you or a friend have always been curious about trying one of these classes but don’t have a membership, we’re currently offering a free trial pass. Claim your pass to try the Powerhouse Gym Spin class for FREE. We’re sure you’ll love every minute and will feel challenged and energized.

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Today’s Club Hours 18 December
5:30AM 10:00PM

Stop by anytime between the above club hours to get started on a trial or membership.

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